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    Use Internet Banking Assistant to set the security for Personal Internet Banking.
    To use Internet Banking, customer should comply with ICBC E-banking Regulation,ICBC E-banking Personal Customer Service Agreement and well know ICBC Personal Internet Banking Transaction Rules and Circular on VIP services in ICBC Personal Internet Banking (VIP Version) if you choose to logon the version here.
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Please don’t use ID and password for BBS, games or emails here because criminals may get them easily and then try them on Internet Banking to steal your money. Please change such ID and password.
Each time after you use the Internet Banking, please click “Log off” in the top right corner to exit and pull out your USB Shield for safekeeping.
Don’t open the remote assistance function of your OS, MSN or QQ. During online payment, please confirm your payment after you’ve checked the payment amount and order amount.
"Install ActiveX" if you have problems in downloading ActiveX for Personal Internet Banking.
Please read System Setting Instructions if this is your first time to logon Internet Banking on this computer!
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